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The FLR launches crowdfunding

On April 7, Florenceā€™s English-language news magazine The Florentine launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to fund production costs for a new bilingual literary review. TheFLR. The Florentine Literary Review will showcase contemporary Italian short stories and poetry. Tales and verses by Italian authors will be published for the first time alongside the finest English […]

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Linda Falcone reprints and private reading

Linda Falcone and The Florentine Press go way back. The first ever book that we published was her Italians Dance and I’m a Wallflower, in 2006, which derived from a column she wrote in The Florentine. This book has sold almost 10,000 copies, as well as numerous copies of the Kindle Edition. Much loved by […]

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World Premiere: When the World Answered Documentary Film

The Florentine Press and Advancing Women Artists Foundation‘s recent publication When the World Answered. Florence, Women Artsits and the 1966 Flood is the subject of a PBS documentary by the director of the Emmy-award winning film based on Jane Fortune’s previous TFPress book, Invisible Women. Don’t miss the WORLD PREMIERE to be held in Florence […]

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Sunset over Florence / photo Flickr user @Sansa55 in TF Flickr group

People still love books

The concept of the lone artistic genius, epitomized by Michelangelo, does not apply to the production of modern books. While the author researches, writes and reviews his creation in relative isolation, occasionally depending on colleagues and peers for feedback and input, the real teamwork begins when the book reaches the publisher. In the case of […]

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