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Moving Days

Linda Falcone

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280 gr
ISBN 978-88-902434-7-9

Feisty but fragile Emma left without apology and Tommaso finally fell silent about feeling betrayed. To a woman who considers running away an art form, Venice’s watery mazes seemed to offer the perfect route of escape. Her childhood home would offer comfort; her glass master friend would welcome her, even if he had already seen Emma pack too many bags. Tommaso hopes she’ll find it: the place that will want to make her stay.

In a love story that connects two cities and bridges two countries, Emma strives to understand which mistakes must be packed away and which lessons pave the road to life’s most cherished journeys. Moving Days, a novel by Linda Falcone, gives an airy but intimate look at living and loving in a world where change is the only real guarantee.

Publication date: October 2010

  • Nathalie Salas

    A pleasant read which highlights the cultural nuances of Italy from an expat’s perspective. I definitely related to it being an expat myself who moved to Italy two years ago. Looking forward to reading other books of Linda Falcone.

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